felicia frithiof


Felicia Frithiof, is a very fashion forward fifteen year old girl from Sweden. Although she is much younger than myself, I am truly inspired by her many different outfits. This girl is gorgeous, travels all over the globe, and has fantastic photos. Not to mention, is best friends with Lisa Ollson (lisaplace), a well renowned blogger who has been shown on ad idem before. I find that what Felicia wears is something that any girl can easily try too. You don't need to spend hundreds of dollars or fly to Sweden to find clothes similar to hers. Her wardrobe consists of white converse shoes, black wedge heels, her H&M black leather jacket, a black knit Zara scarf, leopard tights, Cheap Monday jeans, and vintage tees. She also wears many unique accessories including huge rings from H&M, a feather bracelet, and a peace necklace from New York. To check out her blog click here .

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