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I love this photo because it's so appropriate - in my room I have no desk because I just use my laptop the whole time and sit crosslegged on my bed pouring over hundreds and hundreds of readings. Unfortunately though, while Gardner Hall (McGill residence) was always generously heated, we have to pay for our heat here, and therefore I probably won't be doing any studying without a big sweater on.

So..tomorrow is my first day at UVIC, and even though it's still only 11pm, I'm already nervous. Meryl and I went today to scope out all of our classes, but as I'm on about 100 waitlists still, I have to go to 5 different classes on my first day alone. My first day at McGill? Yea, about 2. So goodbye summer bliss, hello stress! Luckily I'm not alone and I know that many of my friends are going through the same thing; but at least most of them have already been at their school for a year. Minus Carly of course.

My brother is here now, so I'm going to visit with him for a bit before bed. Night!

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we love leopard print!

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honey, I'm home!


WAHOOO!!! Ad Idem has finally been reunited!! Okay, maybe we sound a little bit crazy right now but it is just because we are at last all settled into our new apartment. Already this place feels like home! And for two young and 'starving' students, the place is super cute! Of course our colour theme is black and white (minus our green couch) and almost everything matches...
Tamara officially has the largest bed in all of history, and it basically engulfs the room. It has literally become a bed.room. SERIOUSLY - the thing is huge. Natalie too has settled in, taking up the role of housewife, and seems to be in a constant state of tidying as she walks around - picking up crumbs and such things.

Tamara: "Oh! What a lovely salt and pepper shaker!" *twists it around; some salt falls*
Natalie: "Wonderful, you just spilled salt all over the floor" *sarcastic glare as she bends down to scoop it off the ground*

Tonight we are both lazing in the living room with the low lighting of a new table lamp and this laptop screen's glow - looking up ways to deter wolf spiders and reviewing today's fashion editorials. So nice. :) Goodnight!


beautiful hypocrite.



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fashion people.


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there's a she wolf in the closet.


I am not dead, don't worry! Sorry for not blogging earlier, I have been very busy settling into our new place. I didn't have internet for 6 days and it was excruciating. I will never take internet for granted again. Anyway, the place has been pretty quiet and lonely without my partner in crime. Everything is slowly coming together but this place still needs its finishing touches, like bar stools, a coffee table and a roommate! I have probably been to Walmart a good 10 times while I have been living here. It's really convenient because it's so close to home and dirt cheap. Money is a huge issue now that I am a starving student but I have already gone shopping. :P One day I went to 3 thrift stores and bought a pair of bright green sunglasses, a huge dark green sweater, a British flag t-shirt, a blue and white stripped shirt, and a sweet nautical blouse with gold buttons. OH, I almost forgot, I also bought black lace tights!! I have been wanting these for a while now. I love them however, I still need to find something to go with them. I don't want to be exposing myself anytime soon. Ideally, I would love a long black vintage tee with a wolf or some old rock band on it. I may just have to borrow Tamara's.