december dreams.


Hello ad idem readers!

So I suppose it is about time that I had my own post on here. For those who have been following this blog, you will already know about me. I am the third wheel to this dynamic duo, and I have been mentioned often in previous posts. If I were to describe my style I would say that I tend to dress a little more edgy than most. I love leather, lace, velvet, studs, and wool. My favourite pieces currently are: a rabbit fur collar, a charcoal coloured cashmere and Italian wool peacoat, black leather buckled boots, a gray eyelet studded beret, a black velvet vest with beaded detailing, and a leather biker vest. Favourite accessories include: Swarovski earrings, silver bangles and bracelets, oversized amber rings, and long chain necklaces.

I'm obsessed at the moment with finding a beautiful clog (like the ones seen in last season's Chloe line, or on fashiontoast), as well as making a pair of flared denim.

For the best items in my closet I go to a multitude of thrift stores, Aritzia, and of course, Zara.

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