c'est un jeu des enfants.


Quick update & a feature. Because the Coast is so incredibly dire when my friends are still taking exams and therefore aren't home yet, I'm going to do a post! It's weird, the actual idea came to me a little bit in a dream - in passing at least. Sort of a quick guide to bump up your style without going all out and buying a new closet. This way, while you don't have to adhere to the exact trends, you can still do better than hoodies & sweats. Before I get into that though, I wanted to say that my DIY project is half done! I sewed for most of yesterday and I just need to go out today and buy a few things to complete it. So excited! I might wear it to Carlee's holiday soiree - but maybe not. I really want to wear my westerns..

Anyways, onto the advice!

1. Switch up the hoodie for a cardigan
I can't tell you how much I hate hoodies, apart from to laze around in, and although I'm not as into cardigans as I was a few years ago, they are still effortlessly classy.

2. Wear some funky jewelry
Go through your old jewelry and put on every bracelet you see, or a nice ring. Often I am walking on campus and even if someone's outfit is completely gross I am easily impressed by a interesting piece of jewelry.

3. Wear your pashmina differently
We all have them, courtesy of mass marketing, but instead of wrapping it like every other person you see - change it up. Wear it on your head loosely or hang it simply around your neck. OR if you have some extra money - go out and buy a big knit scarf. They are so BEAUTIFUL.

4. Choose to put on some simple flats, a nice sneaker, or a leather boot instead of UGGs or skate shoes
I am often guilty of wearing UGGs but come Christmas this should change. I only wear them because they are comfortable, and the only shoe that I wouldn't be devastated to ruin. I will be upgrading soon to a nice Hunter boot though! A more stylish shoe makes an entire look just 100x better.

5. Choose denim over lulus/sweats
They're comfortable, I know. But they're so gross in the winter when the ends are dragging on the ground - ew! Change for a nice jean or even tights!

Okay, that's all for right now! Maybe my lovely roommate will add in some more later - who knows. Hope everyone is enjoying the break and I'll be posting photos of my finished DIY project soon!!


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