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this shoot is breathtaking.

Ponytail F/W 2009 | Marloes Horst by Benjamin Lennox | fashiongonerogue




So Christmas is over, and I think it's about time I did another post! I had planned that this one would be about my latest DIY projects, but since I have been far too lazy to take photos of them I will just have to describe them.

I've been spending a lot of time working on an obsession recently - DIY projects. In the past I've altered a few pieces (most notably the oversized gray scarf that I transformed into a circle scarf last December when I couldn't find such a scarf in any shop [even in Montreal!]), but during the last few weeks, I've gone considerably further. To begin with, I made some leather thigh high boots from a vintage leather skirt, and I just need to procure some leather wrappings to complete them. Here. I've also adjusted this vintage bottle-green velvet dress that my mother had in her closet. Now it is a great deal shorter and the shoulders are quite bold. I plan to next take the excess material and make a velvet pouch bag - similar to the one from the SS10 Prada collection, the newest 'it' bag that has every blogger going crazy.

Natalie and I went thrift store shopping a day or so before Christmas and she and I both came home with a number of new pieces. She found a gorgeous oversized brown leather jacket, like this one, a burgundy hunter jacket with double-breasted buttons, a large knit grandfather sweater, and a high waist denim that she is going to cut into shorts. I bought a charcoal thick knit grandfather sweater, and this gorgeous neutral coloured peacoat/cape. So many additions to our closets since school ended! OH! Natalie was given a gorgeous camera for Christmas - FINALLY we can start taking quality photos. ;)

Right now I am making a new layout for the blog - it might even be up as early as tonight!!


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Hello ad idem readers!

So I suppose it is about time that I had my own post on here. For those who have been following this blog, you will already know about me. I am the third wheel to this dynamic duo, and I have been mentioned often in previous posts. If I were to describe my style I would say that I tend to dress a little more edgy than most. I love leather, lace, velvet, studs, and wool. My favourite pieces currently are: a rabbit fur collar, a charcoal coloured cashmere and Italian wool peacoat, black leather buckled boots, a gray eyelet studded beret, a black velvet vest with beaded detailing, and a leather biker vest. Favourite accessories include: Swarovski earrings, silver bangles and bracelets, oversized amber rings, and long chain necklaces.

I'm obsessed at the moment with finding a beautiful clog (like the ones seen in last season's Chloe line, or on fashiontoast), as well as making a pair of flared denim.

For the best items in my closet I go to a multitude of thrift stores, Aritzia, and of course, Zara.

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Last night was a friend's holiday gathering, and it was really nice to see some of my friends for the first time in months. A certain girl from our high school was there too and she showed us her artfully ripped denim (DIY). I had fun talking about all things fashion with her at various points during the evening because she is one of the few in our graduating class who actually pays attention to such things! Natalie and I stayed until two in the morning, laughing and sharing old stories. She wore a ripped legging, black leather boots, & vintage cape. I wore a sleeved mini dress (courtesy of an idea by stylelikeu), burnt-orange suede western boots, and my vintage velvet vest.

We are going vintage/thrift store shopping tomorrow, and hopefully we can find something. Natalie, I believe, is looking for some flared 70s denim and anything velvet. I will be looking, per usual, for fur. Oh! An amazing friend from McGill has let me know recently that he wants to give me a vintage mink coat that I can wear next year when I move back to Montreal - but until then, I suppose I will have to find something else!

It is interesting to note that last year in December I acquired my first hard core pieces - my chain handled sac, vintage leather jacket, leather boot, shiny black leggings etc. This year, at around the same time, Natalie and I find ourselves transitioning out of this look and into a more polished one. Having said that though, Natalie and I were laughing last night about how in high school friends would tease me about my, at times, long & untamed hair, and now it is everywhere in fashion magazines & editorials.

Also, I am really in love with jodpurs at the moment. They are a horse-back riding pant for those who don't know. I have a pair from when I was 13 that I rarely wore (just when I was doing a show), and they still fit. I almost bought a similar pair at BCBG and then ZARA over the weekend, but luckily didn't. I love them!

In blog related news, Natalie and I are planning on re-vamping ad idem with a new layout for New Years. It will be sad to leave behind our current one, but we've decided that a more classic look might be a nice change.

And I'm not sure if you've noticed, but ad idem now also has an official twitter. On this we will be updating from our blackberries; most posts will be about trends we like or outfits we have just seen on campus etc.

Today ad idem has nearly 10,000 page views, 2,000 unique users from Canada alone, and 58 other countries visiting! WOW. For just over five months on the internet, that is really exciting! So thankyou to our lovely readers, you're amazing!

That's all for now, but we may be doing a shoot over the next week, so keep checking back!


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Quick update & a feature. Because the Coast is so incredibly dire when my friends are still taking exams and therefore aren't home yet, I'm going to do a post! It's weird, the actual idea came to me a little bit in a dream - in passing at least. Sort of a quick guide to bump up your style without going all out and buying a new closet. This way, while you don't have to adhere to the exact trends, you can still do better than hoodies & sweats. Before I get into that though, I wanted to say that my DIY project is half done! I sewed for most of yesterday and I just need to go out today and buy a few things to complete it. So excited! I might wear it to Carlee's holiday soiree - but maybe not. I really want to wear my westerns..

Anyways, onto the advice!

1. Switch up the hoodie for a cardigan
I can't tell you how much I hate hoodies, apart from to laze around in, and although I'm not as into cardigans as I was a few years ago, they are still effortlessly classy.

2. Wear some funky jewelry
Go through your old jewelry and put on every bracelet you see, or a nice ring. Often I am walking on campus and even if someone's outfit is completely gross I am easily impressed by a interesting piece of jewelry.

3. Wear your pashmina differently
We all have them, courtesy of mass marketing, but instead of wrapping it like every other person you see - change it up. Wear it on your head loosely or hang it simply around your neck. OR if you have some extra money - go out and buy a big knit scarf. They are so BEAUTIFUL.

4. Choose to put on some simple flats, a nice sneaker, or a leather boot instead of UGGs or skate shoes
I am often guilty of wearing UGGs but come Christmas this should change. I only wear them because they are comfortable, and the only shoe that I wouldn't be devastated to ruin. I will be upgrading soon to a nice Hunter boot though! A more stylish shoe makes an entire look just 100x better.

5. Choose denim over lulus/sweats
They're comfortable, I know. But they're so gross in the winter when the ends are dragging on the ground - ew! Change for a nice jean or even tights!

Okay, that's all for right now! Maybe my lovely roommate will add in some more later - who knows. Hope everyone is enjoying the break and I'll be posting photos of my finished DIY project soon!!



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recently acquired:
ripped legging, velvet toggle vest, suede westerns, gothic jewelry, authentic NA wool coat, fur hat (<3), men's watch, ear muffs

in dire need of:
fur coat, more rings, snakeskin legging, sleeved mini, feather earring, silver hair beads, elbow length leather gloves, Hunter boot, suede heels, shiny nude legging


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Funny story - Natalie and I were dreaming up different styles around August, wondering what the Fall/Winter season would bring and we were killing ourselves laughing over this one idea - capes. The idea of we two strutting through campus with huge capes billowing out behind us...you can imagine why we were near tears.
Fast forward four months, one jak&jil post, and the new Zara line. CAPES. I'm not joking. My future roomie even saw a woman wearing one on St. Laurent (Montreal). Now of course we aren't referring to Batman capes - but the basic structure (long, ties up in the front) - is the same. I doubt, however, that I will be trying out this look anytime soon, I have a feeling Victoria isn't exactly the right place. ;)