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It occurred to me today that ad idem has been covering a lot of what we do in our personal lives, and is seriously lacking in the fashion domain lately. Right now however, there isn't much we're lusting after that we haven't already shared.
Fur; snakeskin; leopard; lace; multi-scarves; hair beads; thigh-high boots (Finally some retailers are starting to offer these, but not yet without a heel) - it's all the same. BUT. There is something that we can definitely cover in this post that hasn't been addressed. GUYS! We are, of course, speaking of our blog's counter-part: male fashion. We know there are several male ad idem readers, predominantly from lookbook.nu, so darlings, this one is for you.

Although we've said it before, we'll say it again. There is nothing, and I repeat NOTHING more appealing than a guy who knows what he's doing when it comes to fashion.

girls are tired of: baggy denim, hoodies, skate-shoes, boring tees, bright colours, backpacks, thick neck chains (thicker than 3mm is just too much).

& we love: big circle scarves, stompers, vests, rolled up denim, gloves, leather oxfords, studs, blazers, converse, white sneakers, leather totes, peacoats, dark tones, bracelets, rings.

For more -> Sacha Hilton, Andreas, Valtzor. Also, my amazing friend from Montreal dresses better than any other guy I know, but unfortunately he has no blog.

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