Boys Suck.


The title of this post comes from the famous quote that has been left on the white board in our kitchen for months. Even when Tamara and I had the house showings, I took the board off the wall and put it under my bed so I didn't have to erase it! Boys really do suck. Don't you agree? Tamara and I can't count the amount of times we have cried with frustration about boys and then we just look at the board, and everything makes sense. I mean, there are always exceptions to every rule but we truly believe these wise words. This quote sparked our interest to write some rules that every girl looking for or in a relationship can relate to. Instead of studying for our finals and papers that are all due next week, Tamara and I decided to hang out on Tamara's MASSIVE bed and write them out on the legendary yellow lined paper.

1. It is impossible for a boy and girl to be friends without one of them being attracted to the other at some point.

I have looked at every girl and boy friendship in my life and I have always noticed that at some point in time, one of them ends up liking the other. Examples of this are in movies, magazines, and stories from friends. I am sorry, I think its human nature for a male and a female to be physically attracted to each other. So girls and boys beware. It is really lame when you find out that your friend likes you or vice versa and you're not into it at all.

2.If he's into you, you will know, guys don't play hot and cold.

This is so true! Have you ever thought, "Hmm...does this guy like me or he is just playing?" If you have ever asked this question, the answer is, he is just not that into you. If a girl or guy is into you, you should feel it. There shouldn't be any doubt in your mind. There are some boys out there that do play hot n' cold but I would recommend staying away, trust me. ;)

3. If you're not sure you like a guy, you don't like him.

This is similar to the rule above but this one still needs to stand alone. You should always listen to your gut feeling. If you are not sure, you are not sure for a reason. Just think of a time in your life when you were obsessed with a certain someone. Wouldn't you just kill to be with them? Obviously, you like them and that is the feeling you should have when you find the right one.

4. If you like someone, don't kiss them when drunk for the first time.

I know this has happened to me before, not going to lie, but try not to do it! The person looses interest in you right away. I have rarely heard of a relationship that came from a random hook up. It just never happens because that person is just going to view you as easy or not look at you seriously.

5. Don't text/IM/fb first - it's desperate no matter what.

This rule is targeted to girls only. I think that the guy should make the first move. If he wants to talk to you, he will talk to you! It is as easy as that. Making the first move sometimes is a good idea, but don't be the person to initiate the conversation every single time. If this is happening to you something is seriously wrong with your relationship.

6. Second chances never work out - he or she will do it again.

I know that you want to give that person that benefit of the doubt but just don't give in. I know you want to, you really do, but trust me you will just get burned in the end. If that person has broken your trust or heart, it takes a verrryyy long time to get it back. In the end, its not worth it.

7. Long distance never works.

This is self explanatory but it is true. Although there are always exceptions, the majority of the time, long distance relationships never work out. I have mad respect for the people that actually pull it off because it is really hard to do!

8. If a guy doesn't remember a special occasion, forget him.

I am talking about birthdays and Valentine's day for example. Ok, if the guy cares about you, he will do something thoughtful. From my experience, I had a guy that did shit all for my birthday, no card, no nothing, and he turned out to be a big douchebag! If your boyfriend forgot about your birthday, he can go to hell.

9. You cannot be friends with an ex.

This never works. Never, ever, ever. You can't just forget about all those feelings you had for each other and pretend everything is alright. The only way this could work was if both of you were in serious relationships or had a huge break (i.e. years) in between.

10. Find a guy who has NO drama with other girls.

This can also mean baggage of some sort. Drama is no fun if it involves you. I don't mind listening about other people's drama, but if it has anything to do with my well being, it sucks. If a guy is stuck on another girl, just leave him be. You deserve better.

11. Guys should always come to you.

I think the guy should always make the effort. I was watching Planet Earth in my Environmental Studies class last week and there was a part on the birds of paradise. The males each have there own individual dance and special characteristics that can attract a female. This one male bird waited in this certain area for a female for days. Once a female was in sight, he started by hopping around and flapping his feathers to attract her. The female was just perched on this branch staring at him and literally checking him out. This example, just demonstrates that the males should make the effort! If you make the effort you have a higher chance of getting the win. I hate it when a guy is a lazy ass and makes you meet up with him. It's ok to meet half way sometimes, but generally the guy should make the effort. If he wants to see you, he will do anything to get his way. This is also the same for girls. If a girl is into you, she will drop anything and everything to see you.

12. Interest for each other must start at the exact same time and level.

I hate it when you are not into a guy and he is trying too hard. I am not sure what it is but if both of you are not into each other at the same time and at the same level of attraction, things don't work out. If someone is more into it than the other, the relationship eventually crumbles. If both of you are interested in each other at the same time, things should just flow naturally.

13. If you have time to analyze what is going on, it won't happen.

Girls need to stop analyzing everything. Why do we do it?! It just confuses the fuck out of us. You shouldn't have to question anything because when a relationship begins, everything should just happen so quickly you don't need to analyze it.

14. Don't wait for a guy to be ready.

If a guy says that he is not ready. He is not ready. Unfortunately, this means that you don't mean enough for him to make you his girlfriend. If the guy thinks you are the one, he shouldn't have any problems making you his girlfriend. I hate this fear of commitment crap. If you really like this person, why should you feel scared to take it to the next level? I know it sounds super corny, but I think its true.

15. If he doesn't want a "label", he doesn't like you enough.

This rule is like the one above. If a guy says he doesn't want a "label", that's just bullshit. He clearly doesn't like you enough to make you his girlfriend, right?

16. Never try and change someone.

Just don't try and do it because it rarely happens. First of all, if you like this person, why would you want to change any aspect them? You should like them for who they are. Enough said.

17. Your self respect is always worth more than them.

Girls and boys, we deserve the best. Seriously, we only live once, why let people treat us like shit. We don't need that in our lives. If someone is disrespecting you, end it.

18. Never look for a boy, he will find you.

I have heard this over and over again. People are always telling me, "Nat, you can't go looking for guy, he will find you when you are least expecting it." Even though I try not to believe this, I know they're right. I think the people that aren't looking for someone have a vibe about them that attracts others. They have a care free attitude and they don't care about what others think. My brother had once told me, "The day you find someone, could be any day."

PS. Some of the rules are interchangeable for boys and girls. Remember, there are always exceptions to every rule. These are just personal opinions, so don't kill us if you disagree with some of them. We have allowed comments, so tell us what you think!

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  1. "Nat, you can't go looking for guy, he will find you when you are least expecting it."
    I wonder whose wise words were those?? HMMMMM??
    This is good advice bb. Hopefully we can remember it all.
    Love you, <3