Although I still often think about the beautiful red leaves of Autumn in Montreal, the cold eastern breeze, and the centuries-old stone buildings of McGill University, I also have to say - what a good year to be in Victoria! Right now I'm sitting in my Political Theory 202 lecture, once again barely listening to the professor as he drones on and on about the Franco-Prussian War, and my mind is wandering. Something much more exciting than the consolidation of the Ottoman Empire's power is happening right now on the Island. What is it? The running of the Olympic Torch! That's right ladies and gentlemen, the Olympic torch is going to light Victoria's "cauldron" or whatever, tonight in front of BC's Legislature! And I'm hoping to go! Additionally, our prime minister Stephen Harper is here, so that's exciting too! Also I'm going costume shopping today. I'll try to resist dragging my poor male companion to all the shops downtown that have no relation whatsoever to Halloween, but I make no promises. I said try. I still really want snakeskin leggings. Too bad there is no Zaras in Vic.

Sara is here in one week!! I am soo excited to see my little swiss girl! :D She'll be here until the 14th and I've already promised that we'll go shopping in Vancouver during her stay. Can't wait!

Okay, my professor is talking about some man named John Gray and his critiques of Liberalism and Communism so I better pay attention.

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