Unfortunately Victoria does not have its own Fashion Week, but other major cities just did and let's just say - I am green with envy of all those who attended. Can't wait until next year when I can go to Montreal's! Here's a link to a photo collection from the different ready-to-wear events. The mini-shoot was done by the always amazing, Tommy Ton, photographer and fellow blogger. You'll find a link to his blog, jak&jill, on the left.

Although I have been for quite some time hoping to move on from this very hardcore look (I bought my iron chain handled bag way back in December - and during Christmas break Natalie definitely thought I was dressing a little scary), I find myself being sucked back in..

In some blog related news, ad idem has received over 1,000 individual visitors from Canada - something we are very excited about, and well over 5,000 total page hits! We've been viewed by over 30 different countries from all over the world including Australia, Sweden, Russia, Japan, and Brazil and some even as obscure as Indonesia, Belarus, and Pakistan. As well, coming up very soon is our 100th post! Natalie and I are hoping to do something special with that, but it may take a while, so unfortunately, ad idem is officially on hiatus until after Thanksgiving.

We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday, and you'll be hearing from us soon!

| photo from jak&jil

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