honey, I'm home!


WAHOOO!!! Ad Idem has finally been reunited!! Okay, maybe we sound a little bit crazy right now but it is just because we are at last all settled into our new apartment. Already this place feels like home! And for two young and 'starving' students, the place is super cute! Of course our colour theme is black and white (minus our green couch) and almost everything matches...
Tamara officially has the largest bed in all of history, and it basically engulfs the room. It has literally become a bed.room. SERIOUSLY - the thing is huge. Natalie too has settled in, taking up the role of housewife, and seems to be in a constant state of tidying as she walks around - picking up crumbs and such things.

Tamara: "Oh! What a lovely salt and pepper shaker!" *twists it around; some salt falls*
Natalie: "Wonderful, you just spilled salt all over the floor" *sarcastic glare as she bends down to scoop it off the ground*

Tonight we are both lazing in the living room with the low lighting of a new table lamp and this laptop screen's glow - looking up ways to deter wolf spiders and reviewing today's fashion editorials. So nice. :) Goodnight!

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