Natalie leaves the coast tomorrow! I mean, we will of course both be back in a few months for Thanksgiving and such things, but she will have officially moved out of this town come Thursday morning. I, on the otherhand, will probably be laying out at the beach with Amy while she does so. :D Today I went shopping and unfortunately ended up buying only two things! So disappointing. For those who remember the post "new obsession" ; the one featuring leopard print tights? In the first photo Felicialinnea (<3) is wearing a beautiful pair of them, and I happened upon the same pair in Zaras. Probably the most amazing store on this side of the Atlantic. I also bought a royal blue leather bomber jacket. To the city I wore my ripped jeans, sheer racerback tank, and multicoloured gladiators. I love wearing the tank with the bottom tied up in a knot on the side. Oh! and I saw jeans almost identical to my own in Holt Renfrew :D Amazing.

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