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Ad Idem recently received a comment on our latest post, (the image of Missoni's Pret-a-Porter line for the Autumn/Winter 09 season), and I find that I need to explain something to those that perhaps are thinking along the same lines as this particular reader. The comment in question voiced the idea that the photo I posted yesterday displayed styles that were, in his/her opinion, not very fashionable. And although Ad Idem is solely a personal blog, and consequently reflects only the opinions of its writers, the comment has encouraged me to elaborate on a common misunderstanding having to do with Pret-a-Porter lines in general. By no means dear reader are you the only one who has questioned the attractiveness of certain couture lines - However, to those who already know all about what I am going to explain, I am definitely not directing this at you.


In the fashion world, clothes are first and foremost, a form of expression; of art if you will. In order to best relay a designer's particular message and feeling, the show's stylists will dress their models in pieces that reflect it. Thus, more times than not, the line will appear rather radical and intense to those who do not have a refined eye. The models, in this way, are more like clothes' hangers - they are there to display as many pieces from the collection as possible, in as many extreme ways as possible.

Now that you know this, it is more understandable that the looks from Missoni's Autumn/Winter 09 line appear as they do. Missoni is simply trying to express the beauty of layering as well as their styles for the new season. The placing of those styles and items into personal looks is up to you.

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