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Coco Rocha.

Her website - www.coco-rocha.com

She also has a blog - http://ohsococo.blogspot.com/


watch in HQ.


I just love this show - ever since I first saw clips of it in early March and became obsessed. Natalie and I have posted several pieces from this particular line at different times over the past few months, but I thought it might be cool to post the whole video too. I'm fascinated by the way Marc Jacob plays with the different attitudes; combining and mixing the look of a decadent French bourgeois and a sort of 80's edge. He furthermore shapes the tone of this Louis Vuitton line by adding just a hint of playfulness and romance. Amazing. Enjoy!




So I generally wouldn't consider myself an incredibly giggly girl, but today when I was stopped at a red light in downtown Vancouver, and saw Kellan Lutz jogging by my car... let's just say I got a little bit silly. Then again, wouldn't you too if you saw that?! *points at photo* Trust me girls, he is JUST as gorgeous in real life - soo fit! :D And maybe it was because I was staring so profusely, or maybe because his eyes were just wandering as he ran, but either way we made eye contact and he gave me a slightly strange look. Good or bad, I'll never know. But one thing I am sure of, ever since that fleeting moment, I have been officially starstruck.


french vogue.


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Natalie leaves the coast tomorrow! I mean, we will of course both be back in a few months for Thanksgiving and such things, but she will have officially moved out of this town come Thursday morning. I, on the otherhand, will probably be laying out at the beach with Amy while she does so. :D Today I went shopping and unfortunately ended up buying only two things! So disappointing. For those who remember the post "new obsession" ; the one featuring leopard print tights? In the first photo Felicialinnea (<3) is wearing a beautiful pair of them, and I happened upon the same pair in Zaras. Probably the most amazing store on this side of the Atlantic. I also bought a royal blue leather bomber jacket. To the city I wore my ripped jeans, sheer racerback tank, and multicoloured gladiators. I love wearing the tank with the bottom tied up in a knot on the side. Oh! and I saw jeans almost identical to my own in Holt Renfrew :D Amazing.




Pat Benatar was the queen of the 80's. Not only do I love this song, but I also love the outfits! Ok, some of the pieces are a bit much, but I definitely noticed the leopard print, knit sweaters, lace, leather, and gloves. I am without a doubt feeling the 80's. Maybe I should try some of these dance moves in the clubs next week. LOL


biker brigade


Shopping tomorrow in Vancouver - will probably be focusing on this sort of look.

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just a few months away...


Although it won't be nearly as cold as the -30 degrees we experience in Montreal - I am really looking forward to winter!! The best clothes, in my opinion, can be worn in this amazing season! Cardigans, scarves, pea coats, boots, ear muffs, fingerless gloves, etc. :D Sorry, I just had to share my excitement!

PS. for those who don't know - ad idem is for both fashion AND to document the year we will be living together in Victoria. :D In other words, it is similar to most other fashion blogs out there. Please see Felicialinnea, LISAPLACE, Mirajackobsen, Valtzor, Gilio Fillipa, and MADDEMODIG for further reference..



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called it.


die letzten monate wollt i immer schon mehrere schals und uhren tragen, ihr werdet sehen es wird sich noch bewahrheiten! i trag heit scho die mode von morgen! leute aufgepasst

{thankyou maximilian for the german translation}

Oh! & here is a commercial from Sweden that has one of my favourite bloggers, Filippa in it! <3

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partner in crime.


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almost time to take this to a new town bubba.


take me the way i am.


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J'ai un nouveau obsession du jour! - aber ich sage nicht, was es ist... If I find a pair though, you will see them being sported around my new campus. :D

Unfortunately Meryl left today :( We miss her already, but will see her again very soon! It is just a few more weeks and then both Natalie and I are Victoria bound too. Get ready all you college kids; summer is almost over!

Also! Everyone should look at the trend section on the new Zara homepage - just amazing. love;love;love.

everything that happens is from now on.


This is probably one of my favorite songs of all time.


new obsession.


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mk & ash.


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the pains of being pure at heart.


Thankyou dearest for the wonderful recommendation. I love this song now!



It isn't permanent, so in about a month I'll be back to normal; but it's fun for now. :D




"I made the blog!!!" - Carly Duff

Well now she even has a solo photo up.. :D WHEE! Today the girlie and I went to the beach in Robert's Creek and swam in the ocean. It was even warmer than the air! So amazing. We also bought some candy; little sour fishes! Tonight she and I dyed our hair..yes we did. Goodbye dirty blonde/dark ginger - Hello plum/dark dark brown. (Me/Her) Its pretty insane. We'll post photos in a little bit but as my parents stole my hair dryer when they left I have no means of drying it at the moment.


love lace.


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I didn't know this myself..



Ad Idem recently received a comment on our latest post, (the image of Missoni's Pret-a-Porter line for the Autumn/Winter 09 season), and I find that I need to explain something to those that perhaps are thinking along the same lines as this particular reader. The comment in question voiced the idea that the photo I posted yesterday displayed styles that were, in his/her opinion, not very fashionable. And although Ad Idem is solely a personal blog, and consequently reflects only the opinions of its writers, the comment has encouraged me to elaborate on a common misunderstanding having to do with Pret-a-Porter lines in general. By no means dear reader are you the only one who has questioned the attractiveness of certain couture lines - However, to those who already know all about what I am going to explain, I am definitely not directing this at you.


In the fashion world, clothes are first and foremost, a form of expression; of art if you will. In order to best relay a designer's particular message and feeling, the show's stylists will dress their models in pieces that reflect it. Thus, more times than not, the line will appear rather radical and intense to those who do not have a refined eye. The models, in this way, are more like clothes' hangers - they are there to display as many pieces from the collection as possible, in as many extreme ways as possible.

Now that you know this, it is more understandable that the looks from Missoni's Autumn/Winter 09 line appear as they do. Missoni is simply trying to express the beauty of layering as well as their styles for the new season. The placing of those styles and items into personal looks is up to you.