heat exhaustion


Yea look at these jeans, they are amazing. I want them! Anyways, today I will hopefully go to the beach with Amy depending on whether or not I ever get off skype and can eat something and get dressed and such things! :D Its been now like 3 hours, but I don't care. Today is my first day off work in four days and it is so beautiful out that I really want to swim! Hope everyone has the day off like I do, go out and enjoy the sunshine!

UPDATE: Ahh I am SO tired! I was at the beach for hours just swimming and getting some sun. I met Amy and Michi down at Soames and Brittani joined us a little later. It was really nice to see her again because I never get to! A couple hours later she gave me a ride home and then I fell asleep on my couch until dinner. Haven't really heard from Natalie today, but I think she was also at the beach earlier with a friend of hers. What will happen tonight? I have no idea! I wish that it was colder so I could wear something cuter to the beach than just a bathing suit!

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