Sorry! I know its been a little bit since I last posted and since certain people have been pressuring me to do so, I found some time to squeeze in an update. So where to start? Andrew landed in Vancouver on Wednesday and it has been really nice to have him here but I have been working so much I feel badly that I haven't spent more time with him. Tonight, and last night for the matter, is Sea Cav and so I don't have time to post the LOOKBOOK photo yet -- it's coming soon though, don't worry! Unfortunately because I have been so busy lately I also don't have enough time to skype with Russia as much as I would like. :( But if things go the way I hope they do I will be seeing a lot more of him very soon! :D :D Natalie picked up 5 new pieces from various vintage stores around the coast yesterday and I am excited to see them! We are gradually transitioning into a more girly wardrobe; And although we are still sporting more hardcore items on the street, a plethora of floral and coloured wear is being stocked up. That's all for now kids, time to get ready && see you tonight!

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