34 degrees.



It's hot out! Yesterday was actually sweltering! Went to the beach with the boys and swam and tanned for hours. We climbed into a boat that was tethered to a buoy and almost stole the owl perched there - but we put it back in the end! I suppose it was a little creepy that we were just lurking in some random's boat, but it was really funny. After the beach we drove down to Wheatberries and Amy gave me a brownie and a cup of whipped cream! Yummy! Later I went to say goodbye to Natalie who is leaving for Saskatchewan today and probably even in the airport flying out as I write this.. bon voyage bubba! She will be back before her birthday, August 10th, and then she moves to our apartment on August 16th! After Natalie's I drove over to Carlee's event which was really fun and crazy and we were just laughing the whole time. The boys joined us later there but I was so tired I just fell asleep.

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