1. horsey cake! 2. beautiful birthday flowers 3. gladiators<3

It was my birthday two days ago! Natalie and I went to Molly's for lunch and I ordered my first legal drink (in BC) while Natalie sipped on her glass of water and complained that she felt like a baby. So cute. We later laid out on Grantham's dock in the sun with Amy, and she and I jumped in the ocean - but it was soo cold, omg! Then we had cake with my family which was decorated with plastic horses after our delicious dinner, hehe. Maybe I turned 12 and not 19 after all :) . New gladiators from my parents, I can't even describe how beautiful they are - I really think I'm in love. After dinner we went to the beach to have a bonfire (naturally, I mean, what else is there to do here?). Amy, Martin and I tried to find a boat but I just ended up almost falling down a lot along the way. Earlier Bubb and I saw this young couple, the girl was wearing a straw fedora, a sheer oversized shirt, black shorts and small sneakers. Natalie and I were both surprised and impressed. She was obviously not from around here!

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